Custom Controllers


Virginia Controls Customer Service and Suppor

Consult the factory for help engineering, manufacturing, and supporting a custom controller; or for help modifying your existing Virginia Controls controller.

MH (PLC Hydro)

Virginia Controls custom hydraulic elevator controller

Virginia Controls MH Hydraulic Elevator Controllers feature Allen-Bradley or GE Rx3i PLCs. 

MVF (PLC Traction)

Virginia Controls traction elevator controller

Virginia Controls MVF AC Traction Elevator Controllers feature PLC-based Microprocessors.  

For Geared, Gearless, & MRL applications.  

MDCD (PLC Traction)

PLC based traction elevator controller for Geared or Gearless DC systems by Virginia Controls VCI

Virginia Controls MDCD DC Traction Elevator Controllers feature PLCs and SCR drives. 

For Geared or Gearless applications. 

MCLVV (Traction)

Virginia Controls MCLVV Traction Elevator Controller with closed loop generator control VCI

 Virginia Controls MCLVV AC Traction Elevator Controllers feature closed-loop generator control. 

MSSAC & M2SAC (Traction)

Virginia Controls MSSAC and M2SAC single speed and two speed AC Traction Elevator Controllers VCI

Virginia Controls MSSAC and M2SAC AC Traction Elevator Controllers are Single Speed & Two Speed AC controllers.